SAR Interferometry:

An Introduction


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Why SAR interferometry?

SAR imaging 1

SAR imaging 2

SAR imaging 3

SAR imaging 4

SAR imaging 5

InSAR Geometry 1

InSAR Geometry 2

InSAR Geometry 3

InSAR Geometry 4

InSAR Geometry 5

InSAR Geometry 6

Height sensitivity 1

Height sensitivity 2

Height sensitivity 3

Flat-Earth Removal 1

Flat-Earth Removal 2

Flat-Earth Removal 3

Airborne Case 1

Airborne Case 2

Coherence 1

Coherence 2

Coherence 3

Phase Unwrapping 1

Phase Unwrapping 2

Phase Unwrapping 3

Phase Unwrapping 4

Phase Unwrapping 5

Geocoding 1

Geocoding 2


Working program

Step 1

Coregistration 1

Coregistration 2

Coregistration 3

Coregistration 4

Step 2

Flat-Earth Removal 1

Flat-Earth Removal 2

Flat-Earth Removal 3

Step 3

The End

Autor: Andreas Reigber

E-Mail: anderl-at-nought-point-de

SAR Interferometry - An Introduction

Presentation made for the TMR SAR interferometry
workshop held in Rennes/France 03.-07. April 2001.

Part 1 of the presentation tries to outline the way from a conventional SAR image to a digital elevation model. As the purpose of the course was more to give an introduction to SAR parameter inversion, the advanced techniques like phase unwrapping and geocoding are only touched in order to give an idea of the whole way.

Part 2 addresses some practic work on the computer in order to try out the things learned in part 1.