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SAR Polarimetry Tutorial

This tutorial is for the undeterred reader who really wants (or has to) actually use polarimetry for SAR applications. It covers most aspects of SAR polarimetry (i.e. wave polarization, polarimetric description of scatterers, target decomposition, applications, etc.).

Martin Hellmann

Fuzzy Logic Introduction

Brief and basic introduction to the concept of fuzzy theory illustrated with an example (fuzzy classification of fully polarimetric SAR data)

Martin Hellmann

Synthetic Aperture Radar - Basic Concepts and Image Formation

Introduction in the image formation process and basic concepts of synthetic aperture radar. Includes also some practical exercises (processing of a small SAR raw data set).

Andreas Reigber

SAR Interferometry - An Introduction

Presentation made for the TMR SAR interferometry workshop held in Rennes/France 03.-07. April 2001. Its tries to outline the way from a conventional SAR image to a digital elevation model.

Andreas Reigber

Polarimetry for dummies

This tutorial is meant to give the interested reader with a limited or no previous knowledge about waves and polarimetry an introduction into the field and the terminology of waves and polarimetry.

Martin Hellmann

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Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

A mix of several tutorials and links to related information with strong focus on SAR and SAR interferometry. Lots of useful information.

D.J Kim

Radar and Microwave Remote Sensing

Chapter 8 of NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial. A little bit old-fashioned overview about information content and interpretation of SAR images.

Nicholas M. Short (NASA)

Radar and Steroscopy

This very nice tutorial touches on relevant aspects of stereoscopy and radar remote sensing, with special focus on the use of RADARSAT imagery.

Dr. Thierry Toutin and Corinna Vester (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

Scientific SAR User's Guide

This document is intended to provide an introduction and background to scientists wishing to interpret SAR image data. The coverage is necessarily brief but thorough references and citations are provided for the user who wishes to pursue the subject in greater depth.

Coert Olmsted (Alaska Satellite Facility)


Frequently Asked Questions to SAR, what to say more.

Alaska Satellite Facility

Online Microwave Antenna Book

An Online Microwave Antennabook

Paul Wade





Physics Formulary

This document contains 108 pages of the most important formulas in physics. It is intended to be a short reference for anyone who works with physics and often needs to look up equations.

J.C.A. Wevers

Internet Mathematics Library

Everything you never wanted to know about mathematics.

The Math Forum