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In the following you find some free sample data sets useful for learning SAR algorithms. Most of them are simulated data sets, so there is no restriction of using it. They are published under the GNU public license (GPL). If this is not the case and some restrictions apply, it will be noted explicitly.




Provided by / licence


Simulated SAR raw data (range compressed) of the Mt. Britney in Absurdistan. Imaging parameters and detailed format description can be found in the exercise section of the SAR processing tutorial.

Size: 16.4 MB

8 bit I/Q interlaced complex

simulated, GPL



Raw interferometric data pair of Mount Etna / Italy. Readily focussed SAR images, single look complex, not co-registrated.

Size: 8.2 MB each

Attention: This is simulated data (only loosely based on the reality), in order to avoid copyright problems. Don't try to do anything useful with it: The amplitude and coherence come from low-resolution JPEG's, the phase is completely simulated.

sarr / rarr

using XDR (IEEE) binary format

simulated, GPL